Our Mission

Our mission is to keep you better informed than you were yesterday. With the rapid growth of available information, we have plenty of data, but not enough context. It is becoming increasingly difficult to parse what is important, so we created Lumo to do that for you.

Our Principles

At Lumo we strive to follow a set of core principles that help us create a world-class company. These principles are:

  • Integrity. We are honest and act ethically in all interactions.
  • Quality. From our employees, to our analysis, to our customer interactions, we offer the highest quality experience possible. Nothing is ever “good enough.”
  • Frictionless. Everyone who interacts with Lumo does so as easily as possible. Any areas of friction that can be removed, are. This goes all the way from the user experience to the employee experience.
  • Simplicity. It is our job to make the complex easy to comprehend. We strive to reduce complexity in all aspects of our business.
  • Thoroughness. Whenever we source new data, or complete an analysis, or create a new dashboard, we ensure we’re taking everything necessary into account.