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The Power of Data
Firms that employ a strong data strategy across multiple levels are more likely to achieve their goals than their competitors that don't.
13x Return On Investment

According to Nucleus Research, analytics pays back $13.01 for every dollar spent


186% Faster Sales Growth

McKinsey found that companies using analytics grew sales 186% faster than competitors


84% Improved Competitive Positioning

According to Deloitte, 84% of respondents saw improved competitive positioning when employing an analytics strategy


Align Your Entire Team
Product Features
Lumo dashboards give your entire team visibility into the most important market metrics so they all make better decisions for your business. Everyone is aware. Everyone is on the same page.
Full Service Dashboard Creation
Data Sourcing
Multi-user Access
Automatic Data Updates
Mobile Access
Gain Invaluable Market Insights
How Lumo Works
Our system lets teams of ANY size stay up to date on key market movements.
  1. We learn your business and identify key market KPIs
  2. We source the data for these KPIs from public and/or private datasets
  3. We create one or multiple dashboards for your team
  4. We update the data and notify you of significant changes
  5. You and your team stay updated on market movements and adjust your strategies accordingly
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